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Review: Rossum’s Universal Robots

Rossum’s Universal Robots is not a particularly good play, but it’s important for one very simple reason: it introduced the word “robot” to the world. I just read it, so I thought I’d post

10 Awesome (And Free!) WordPress Themes For Writers

Here are 10 of my favorite free WordPress themes for writers (in no particular order).

6 Tips To Make Your Submission Rise Above The Rest

Wait! I know you’re excited to submit that short story you’ve been working on to the Short Story Contest Mission 3000, and the due date is only days away. But before you do, make

52 Ways To Improve Your Blogging

How do you make your blog stand out from the rest? Well, you could be a lazy bum and do nothing. Or, and I’m just throwing this out there, you could take my advice

Conquering The Conversational Tone In 5 Easy Steps

It’s easy for someone to tell you to “write like you speak” or “use a conversational tone,” but what exactly does that mean? Well, first thing’s first: the secret about using a conversational tone